Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment involves bringing in full time employees that are expected to work and grow with the company. These employees are fully on the payroll of the company and are liable to all the benefits the company

Executive Search

Our goal is to be true advisers to our clients during all phases of a search. We strive always to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates and a smooth and thorough process, which includes five main phases:

  1. Establish search priorities
  2. Determine search strategy
  3. Attract and evaluate candidates
  4. Present most qualified candidates for client interviews
  5. Complete the search

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

An RPO provider can act as an extension of a company’s HR or Resourcing function, sitting on site with the client providing a holistic hiring solution. An RPO provider can deliver the necessary staff, technology, and methodology needed to fulfil a client’s recruitment requirements. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team, off-site, or through a combination of both, across country-aligned, multi-regional or global remits.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing has quickly become one of the most relied upon recruitment services, as organizations get access to highly talented candidates for a limited period of time only. This way, they are not liable to maintain a long-term association with the employees. The contract staffing process is a combination of permanent and temporary hiring, wherein the decision to permanently hire the candidate after the contract is over lies in the hands of the employer. The process includes hiring a talented candidate that is the right fit for the organization for a specific time duration.

Overseas Recruitment

The recruitment procedure is the major functional process for the creation of competitive working strength. The procedure of recruiting the employees starts with the company or by the agency that works on behalf of Employer Company. For a professional of any skill and desire to work in foreign countries, particularly in the Gulf and Middle-East countries, Superb Enterprises can help in finding the most suitable job for you

Certificates Attestation & Background Verification Services

We are providing services of certificate attestation required by client / job aspirants based on their requirements like HRD, MEA & Embassy attestation

Visa Stamping & Travel Related Services

We are assisting the candidates on visa stamping for Kuwait / Saudi Arabia along with Emigration and Ticketing services